Sunday, June 10, 2012

Walking Enlightenment Road

Walking Enlightenment Road

PhotoArt by Sharonlee2012

Poetics at dVerse with Brian Miller behind the bar- Prompt "Choices"

Walking Enlightenment Road

I look back now with a wiser woman's eyes
 and see so clearly where I've been...
coincidences flow together
defining paths crossed
and rutted roads that led
to somewhere… I was meant to be
for reasons that may unfold
… if I don’t misread
the elements
active in my life…
if I have strength
to follow the  signs…
if I don’t get lost in a vicious cycle
of cause & effect…. reaction & retaliation…
I understand now
things seen with silent eyes
unknown signals
that lured me through life
step by symbolic step…
… even the stumbles were meant to be
broken hearts…. skinned knee…
moments where prophesies
merged with the now… somehow…
third eye
expanding with insight
lessons learned in life -
… karma can be a harsh Mistress
if she believes a lesson is to be learned…
evolution of my destiny
preordained… perhaps… to bring me here… now
to this place & space & moment of time
at this stage of my life
strengthened by the experiences
gained up till now…
all coinciding with a nexus
of interconnecting life-vibrations – likeminded souls
who resonate in rhythm as one …
I look back with a wiser woman's eyes
 and see so clearly where I've been
… I see the pattern of my life
the template of a matrix
the ‘blueprint’ as it were…
showing flowing lines… vortexes
where vibrations resonate strong
… dark knots of haemorrhaging  bruises
melting into subsiding pools of stagnant energy…
I acknowledge errors in past judgement
I forgive myself for choices wrongly chosen…
I accept my flaws & honour my strengths…
… for I look back with a wiser woman's eyes
 and see so clearly where I've been….
…. and I now know
 that where I am
is where I am meant to be;


  1. nice...i feels great to know where you are meant to be able to see backward at all that has come and brought you to this point and how it also plays into where you are going...def believe in the forgiving yourself as well for those choices...and moving on....nice write....

  2. Hello Brian, for a long time my life just seemed like so many ramdomn unconnected events and choices made.... but I think I see clearer... and see a pattern.

    Peace & Blessings