Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Sunset of Our Existence

The Sunset of Our Existence – A Tale Alternate Realities…. Maybe

Art by Sharonlee
The Sunset of Our Existence – A Tale Alternate Realities…. Maybe
 in a year that has not happened
…in a world that does not exist
there still floats skeletal remnants
gliding lifelessly in purple mist….
but, ah I get ahead of myself
for the tale does not start here
let me go back to the beginning
tho' be warned…
you should tremble… in misery & fear
for this is not a simple tale
or one for weakened hearts
…I hope you are all quite settled
for now my sad tale starts….
many many eons lost
in a time that was never found
there existed a fleeting netherplace
in the echoes of unheard sound…
I tell of a world so fantastical
it lived and died in one night
a night that existed in inbetweenity
and faded in a new dawns light….
the people were all poets
musicians and the like
inventors and epic storytellers
too profound for mortal sight…
they lived by the pen and the beauty of art
they lived to create what has not been seen
they knew the power of nihilistic delusion
and that 'life' was but a dream….
they created words too potent
for mediocre minds to comprehend
and composed scores of music
that played on with no end…
they fabricated fantastical concepts
with purposes vague and imprecise
deliberating and debating
all through the endless night…
but… and here my tale grows woeful
for jealously and greed abounds
outsiders became incensed
with the utopia these artisans had found…
 the cold hard claw of green-eyed greed
roiled & boiled & schemed & seethed
and set to end the endless night
and tho' the artificers of this tale
struggled to halt this plight
capitalistic cannibals sucked greedily
embezzling creativity's shining light
supplanting art with commercial banners
that played to mindless minds
until all that once existed
disappeared from time….
now, I know you cannot see me
but my empty chair still rocks
…my voice drifts on in eternity
and all else…. all else is lost….
 For today’s Poetics at dVerse with Brian Miller behind the bar

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